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  • CP105T Texturized Carbon Fiber Clothing
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    CP105T Texturized Carbon Fiber Clothing

    Texturized Carbon Fiber Cloth Firewheel Ref no. CP105T is made of texturized pre-oxidated carbon fiber yarn, it has good properties such as high temperature resistance (500 ℃), low thermal conductivity coefficient, anti-corrosion, high dust-accommodation and high...
  • KST Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread
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    KST Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread

    Aramid Fiber Sewing thread Firewheel Ref no.KST Aramid Fiber Sewing thread is made of multi-ply 100% Para Aramid fiber yar. It features high tensile strength, good sewing property, high temperature resistance, light weight, abrasion resistance, etc. We usually supply in...
  • AF105 Staple Kevlar Fiber Fabrics
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    AF105 Staple Kevlar Fiber Fabrics

    Staple Kevlar Fiber Fabric Firewheel Ref.No. AF105 Staple Kevlar Fiber Fabric Material compostion: Fiberglass filament works as the carrier of the yarn, it is in the middle of yarn: 50% Staple reprocessed Kevlar fiber is spun and wrapped outside of glass filament: 50% Alu....
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